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CCTV monitoring based-
AI Traffic 
heat map

Construction industry has always been labour-intensive and inefficient. 
A lot of construction site managers manage construction workers by walkie-talkie broadcasting the messages to other workers and other teams.
Human error and miscommunication may lead to devastating construction accidents and production schedule delay.

CCTV monitoring based on computer vision AI that could track different objects and scenarios in real-time.

Real-time heat map dashboard and analytics data could then trigger alerts based on certain criteria to enable AI monitoring for frontline workers to understand situations immediately and take prompt actions.

Construction Site Monitoring using CCTV 

CCTV monitoring that could track the progress of different site status and enhance the site cleanliness and safety management

Dynamic monitoring.jpg
3D indoor car park.jpg

3D Indoor Car Park Heatmap

Indoor car park heatmap using CCTV to assess the parking density and help drivers to find parking space quickly

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