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​Our Products

Alpha Auto -
AI Car Damage Inspection APP

Alpha AI revolutionise the car insurance claims process by empowering drivers to inspect car damage using our AI-powered mobile app.

Alpha AI.jpg

Metaverse Development

Our Education Metaverse enables students to engage in immersive learning and interact through digital avatars.


Flexible Data Annotation Tool

Our proprietary data annotation platform allows businesses or startups to label objects in any shapes and build their AI applications easily.

Data annotation.jpg

VR/AR Development

A VR virtual laboratory for students to conduct experiments remotely in an immersive and safe environment via Oculus Quest 2.

VR lab.webp

CCTV monitoring based-
AI Traffic 
heat map

Monitor the traffic flow and automatically track and count the number of vehicle (cars, vans, bus) for better traffic and people flow management using CCTVs video analysis, also tracking the progress of different site status and enhance the site cleanliness and safety management


Tenant-Specific OCR Scanner

We provide a tenant-specific OCR scanner based on each individual receipt layout to achieve high accuracy and anomaly detection

OCR scanner.jpg

AR Route Navigator

Instruct drivers to the nearby parking location by shortest times via AR instruction in camera and map

AR navigator.jpg

BPLAN - The Truly Flexible Project Planner

Our project planning platform takes the scheduling of resource allocation into account to dynamically optimise the timeline by budget, timeline or manpower when accident happens

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