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A SaaS tool that helps insurance and motor vehicle rental companies to manage claims transactions efficiently using our AI motor damage detection technology.

Settle Car Accidents
Within Seconds

Imagine if you hit a car, you must be frustrated and you want to settle it ASAP.

However, you may have to argue with another driver over the repair cost and it takes time to reach a fair agreement.

Using ALPHA Auto, you can get the estimated repair cost within seconds.

Car Damage

Empowers drivers to inspect car damage, get repair quotations and e-sign private settlement form instantly after accidents using their phones.

Our Mission

Alpha AI aim to revolutionize car insurance claim process easy and efficient without the need for an in-person inspection of the vehicle.

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Join Our
Car Garage Network

We will set up a private WhatsApp channel for each garage, referring our driver users to your garage and communicate with you anytime and anywhere. We believe that all car garage partners are willing to support the industry development. With the cooperation and full support from the Alpha AI Mobile App, everyone will be able to achieve excellent results and bring the garage business to a higher level.

After submitting your information, our representative will contact you shortly.
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